All via the app!

Our Easy Aquarium Control app puts the emphasis on Easy: Simply plug your devices into the controller, establish a connection to the app and you're ready to go! Whether you're an experienced aquarist or you're only just starting to discover the fascination of the underwater world, the app makes it easy to control OASE devices and gives you quick and simple access to all functionalities of high-quality, sophisticated technology developed by our experienced specialists.

  • Control fascinating colour and lighting concepts via app.
  • Adjust the lighting colour and effect along a scale in real time, whenever the mood takes you.
  • Create individual profiles — perhaps to match the natural weather conditions and changing daylight levels, or simply to suit your mood.
  • You can get set for anything: Options range from a pre-defined custom sequence to a simulation of random weather changes.

Naturally digital

Nature and technology can work in perfect harmony — just look at the new generation of OASE products: Smart aquariums and high-tech devices can now produce the aesthetics and effects of an impressive underwater world that is home to animals and plants.