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Easy Aquarium Control:
The new age of indoor aquatics

The ideal multi-purpose accessory: Not only is the aquarium making a comeback as a modern design object, it is also a smart, high-tech product. OASE's own "Easy Aquarium Control" system offers you numerous possibilities to illuminate and stage your underwater world as if it were actually in nature — with a convenient and easy-to-use app.

The smart Easy Aquarium Control system impresses both experienced aquarists and those who are only just starting to discover the fascination of the underwater world for themselves.

The smart aquarium

The smart aquarium enables you to create natural weather conditions in your home's underwater world thanks to cutting-edge technology from OASE. This symbiosis of technology and nature works seamlessly by means of the intuitive Easy Aquarium Control app, which makes it incredibly simple to conjure up sensational lighting and weather scenarios in the aquarium. Welcome to a new age of indoor aquatics.

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Ideal lighting at all times

To create lighting conditions that are as natural as possible for the plants and animals living in your aquarium, you can easily control and program individual lighting scenarios using the EAC app.

Natural water movements

Nature has many faces: Gentle. Stormy. Wild. Powerful. Create realistic weather conditions and a natural flow with the powerful StreamMax streaming pump.

Smart control, even on the move

Around the world, in the office or at the beach. No matter where you are, with the Browser lets you check on your aquarium back home.